Two suspected gang members killed near Cancun

Two suspected drug gang members were shot dead near a Cancun resort in Mexico on Thursday.

Authorities said opposing gangsters faced off on a beach in Bahia Petempich and two among them were killed a few hours after reports of a shooting circulated online.

Police said earlier that a group of armed men carrying long guns was seen in the area near the Azul Beach hotel.

An official added that a group of gunmen arrived by boat in pursuit of the men,

who were later slain.

Another Mexican official said it appeared to be a targeted 'execution'.

Alarmed tourists had tweeted that shots were fired at a Cancun resort, where staff had told them to hide.

Local TV reported that at least one tourist in the area was treated for a head injury.

It comes after a gangland slaying a few weeks ago in the resort town of Tulum some 50 miles away from Cancun.

Two tourists were killed in crossfire at a beach there, and military forces were sent in to reinforce the area.

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