Two stray kittens saved after being found trapped in sewer in Thailand

Two stray kittens were saved after they were found trapped inside a sewer in Thailand. The tiny moggies were heard crying by locals after heavy rain battered a village in Chonburi province on March 13. Chantra Dendee, who lived nearby, followed the sound the cats were making which led her outside the fence of her house where there was a steel manhole cover. The woman tried to lift the cover but the metal was too heavy so she called her neighbours for help. Police later arrived and searched the drain for the exact spot where the cats were stuck and called the firefighters for assistance. When the firefighters arrived, they smashed parts of the concrete to remove the cover before pulling it out together using a metal chain. After almost half an hour, they were able to remove the lid and took out the first kitten. One of the rescuers climbed inside the narrow space to retrieve the second kitten. The moggies were wet with dirty water so they were wiped with a cloth but they were not seriously injured although a bit dehydrated. The kind local Chantra adopted the two cats and thanked the police and firefighters who helped her save her new pets.