Two planes collide midair at WWII airshow in Texas

STORY: The incident early on Saturday afternoon involved a World War Two-era Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bomber and a Bell P-63 Kingcobra fighter that were flying at the Wings Over Dallas Airshow at Dallas Executive Airport, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said in a statement. It was not immediately clear how many people were injured or killed.

Coates told a news conference counselling was being offered to families of those involved, as well as people who witnessed the crash, but would not say how many people were aboard the aircraft at the time of the crash, their name, or their condition.

Coates would only say the B-17 normally has a crew of four to five people, while the P-63 is manned by a single pilot.

He also said the maneuvers the planes were performing were "not dynamic at all", and added, "This is not about the aircraft. It's it's just not. I can tell you, the aircraft are great aircraft. They're safe. They're very well maintained. The pilots are very well-trained."

Both the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) launched investigations, with the latter taking the lead and providing updates, officials said.