Two Pack Tuesdays - Ep. 27 - UD Series 2 2022 - Top Young Guns Alert! Bout Time!

Two Pack Tuesdays episode 27 - Welcome Back and thank you for joining us. Today we are back to breaking Upper Deck Series 2 2022. We wanted Young guns, well it does not get better than what we have pulled. Boom. We are closing in on 247 subs on our Rumble Account. Previously we talked about giving away the Matthew Stafford Genesis when we hit 250 subscribers. Well, it's finally happening. Catch us on September 18, 2022 at 6pm EST, we will perform the draw live on instagram, but don't worry if you miss it, we'll post a video on our channel as well. We would like to thank all of our supporters and individuals for participating in this give away. instagram: rumblenbreaks I have not had the time to post our hits on instagram, but will sometime over the holidays. So how the draw will work: 1) We will take all the names. Enter them all in the randomizer. (we've also tracked which video and the response provided for the question asked) 2) We will do a live stream on instagram (rumblenbreaks) 3) We will roll a 6 sided dice to determine how many time we randomize 4) The name at the top of the final random will be the lucky recipient of the card. 5) We will respond to your comment and we will provide you the detail for how to contact us so that we can mail you the card. We have a few cards others that we are planning on giving away to our viewers. Thank you very much for your support and viewership.