Two Pack Tuesday - Ep. 12 - 21 Goodwin Champions via Upper Deck e-Pack Store - Random Athletes

Two Pack Tuesdays episode 12 - Welcome Back and thank you for joining us. I will be flying solo for the next couple of weeks. This week we'll be trying something a little different. We visit Upper Deck's epack store for some "new product" 2021 Goodwin Champions. I tried some of these packs earlier this week and found it interesting. We are able to redeem these cards for real cards. We've actually redeemed some that will be coming to us. We'll open those in a future video. I do apologize, for some reason I saw Bryson as Bryan. In the mean time, thought we would give our audience a look see. There's some really high valued cards that come out of this product that range from hundreds to thousands. Each pack costs ~$10. A reminder as well our give away is going on for the Matthew Stafford Genesis. We are looking to hit 250 Subscribers (through either this channel or through rumblenbreaks on Rumble). On June 30th, 2022 we will take the names of all the subscribers and will be drawing the name of 1 lucky subscriber. (we'll need to figure out the logistics if it is a live draw) We hope to be able to do more of these giveaways in the future. We can achieve this with your support by watching our videos. Check out our past breaks!

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