Two Moose Stun Skiers on Crowded Colorado Slope

Skiers and snowboarders were startled and excited as two moose traversed a busy ski run in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, on Thursday, January 6.

Among them was Lindsey Cienski, who was on a ski lift with her husband when they first spotted the moose, and who described the encounter as a “very rare and cool experience to have.”

Cienski told Storyful she and her husband skied down to try get a closer look but, knowing moose can be dangerous, maintained a safe distance from the animals.

This video taken by Cienski shows skiers grinding to a halt and expressing a mix of excitement and alarm as the first moose walked onto the run.

“Oh my god,” one person says in the video.

“This is the best day of my life!” exclaims another.

A second moose then bounds onto the slope, following the first moose to the far side of the run where the pair spar for a few moments, the video shows. Credit: Lindsey Cienski via Storyful

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