Two men struck and killed by KTM train

Tragic news yesterday when two men were killed by what investigators believe was a KTM Komuter train traveling along the Sungai Buloh-Kepong line just outside of Kuala Lumpur.

Both individuals are believed to be Myanmar nationals and made their way onto the line illicitly at 6:03pm when the train that was traveling towards Kepong struck them. Approximately 30 passengers were on board the train when the incident occurred, causing the driver to stop immediately.

The unnamed victims were pronounced dead at the scene, with their bodies found to the side of the tracks. A postmortem is being carried out at the nearby Selayang Hospital.

Unfortunately, train deaths are not wholly uncommon, with several cases reported yearly. Investigators believe that the Burmese duo were attempting to take a shortcut when the accident occurred.

Be careful. Use the pedestrian overhead crossing always.

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