Two Male Snakes Tussle Over Female in Queensland Kitchen

Two male snakes became entangled in the kitchen of Queensland home as they vied for the affections of a female.

Resident Karyn Neal, who shot this video, told Storyful she came across the scene after hearing a loud crash in the kitchen.

“These snakes had fallen from a vent in the ceiling behind the microwave, onto the microwave…knocked three cast iron frypans onto the floor, and continued to fight,” Neal said. “It was a very scary sight,” she added.

Neal called in a professional snake catcher who explained that the two males were fighting over a female snake that he found perched on the edge of a wall cavity. When he tried to trap the female, she escaped his reach, and remains living inside the house, Neal said.

“He has come back to check numerous times for her and said we have to wait until it’s a bit warmer and she will move again. I have been terrified and have slept with my bedroom door shut and a rolled towel against the gap in the door,” Neal told Storyful. Credit: Karyn Neal via Storyful

Video transcript