Two male Indian bison found dead in Pune

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], May 23 (ANI): Two male Indian bison were found dead in Adoshi village on Friday night. Pune Forest Department on Saturday said the animals appear to have fallen off from a steep cliff.

"Two Indian bison carcasses were found (Malki area) yesterday night at Adoshi village, Ajnavale beat, Junnar range. Both are male but of different ages. Our team has combed the whole area and found both these animals have fallen from a cliff which is very steep," said the forest department.

The post mortem was done on the spot by a Livestock Development Officer and a veterinary officer of Wildlife SOS from Manikdoh Rescue Centre.

The officials said there was no sign of poisoning still samples have been collected for further investigation.

"There was internal bleeding in both the animals. The death might be due to accidental fall from the deep cliff," forest officials said. (ANI)