Two jaguars boost repopulation project in Argentina

STORY: Footage from camera traps confirmed conservationists’ suspicions that Mariua, the first jaguar released at the Ibera Park in 2021, had a litter of two jaguar cubs.

Mombyry (far) and Yvoty (flower), as they were named, joined other ten specimens reintroduced and born in the Ibera wetlands thanks to the Rewilding Foundation’s repopulation project launched in January 2021.

For the foundation, which specializes in the preservation of endangered species, the birth and survival of these two new cubs bolster the bid to revert back the extinction trend in the Corrientes province.

The jaguar, also known in Argentina as 'yaguarete,' is considered a ‘national natural heritage'. Rewilding Foundation estimates there are only 250 of these animals living in the wild in Argentina.