Two influencers fell out after naming their babies the same thing

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Photo credit: Sasha Benz | Getty Images | Jessica Lockett
Photo credit: Sasha Benz | Getty Images | Jessica Lockett

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Choosing a unique baby name is a challenge many new parents face – so imagine what would happen if three years after selecting an unusual moniker for your little one, one of your close friends apparently copied it? Well, that's exactly what happened to influencer Sasha Benz, when her pal (also an influencer) Jessica Hart recently gave birth to a baby... named Baby. You see, Benz herself already has a three-year-old named... Baybi. Still with me?

Hart, a model and founder of Luma Beauty, shared her happy news and name choice with the world via a shoot with PEOPLE magazine (as brilliantly reported by The Cut), and when discussing her decision said her name inspiration came from the movie Dirty Dancing – not Benz (who is also the founder of All My Friends Are Models, a blog). "I first heard it in the movie Dirty Dancing and always thought I’d love to name my daughter Baby. Finally, probably a month before she was born, I said what about Baby, and he [partner James Kirkham] said, 'Oh my gosh, I love it'. It’s felt right ever since."

Full disclaimer: Hart then added that the little one's full name is Baby-Rae in tribute to her mother, but on a day-to-day basis she's simply known as Baby. But there's one person who is reportedly disputing her story: Benz.

Upon hearing her friend's name choice, Benz was thought to be 'devastated'. "Sasha was devastated that her close friend would copy her daughter’s 'unique' name, especially after she’d [Hart] gone to her [Benz] for name ideas," a source told the Sydney Morning Herald.

The source added that when Hart told Benz the news she said, "We are calling her Baby, but don't worry - it's spelt differently!" However, it continued, the pair have barely spoken since.

The story isn't quite finished though – after rumours of the alleged fall out began widely circulating, Benz spoke to the Daily Mail Australia in an effort to quash them and said she was now nothing but happy for Hart. "Of course Jess and I are still friends. We chatted it out a few weeks back, and I am happy she has a name she loves for her beautiful girl."

She added, "This is her moment and I want her to enjoy this beautiful part of becoming a mother. Baybi is almost three now and our new babies are only weeks apart, so it’s more important that they all grow up knowing there are more important things to care about."

So there we have it: Baby and Baybi, and both Baby and Baybi's mothers are all good in the hood after a slightly shaky start. Baby steps, and all that?

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