Two-headed tortoise Janus turns 25

STORY: This two-headed tortoise turns 25

Janus (arrow)

[Angelica Bourgoin, Janus' caregiver]

"I think it’s because of the attention we give him and our devotion that he’s still here today.’’

To keep Janus healthy, Bourgoin feeds him organic salad

gives him daily massages and bathes him in green tea and chamomile

‘’I put music on every morning to wake him up, I call him, I pet him. I try to stimulate his shell, because he feels something here, because the spine is right here in the middle. I try to guide him with my fingers so he is able to look, and we can have a deeper interaction. And I think he recognises my accent.”

Janus has two heads, two hearts and two sets of lungs

but only one digestive system

“What I have noticed is the right head is more curious, more awake, it has a much stronger personality. The left head is more passive and very greedy.”