Two deaths, dozens of homes burned as tribal groups fight with traditional weapons in Papua, Indonesia

Two people have been killed and dozens of homes torched as two tribal groups fought with traditional weapons in a city in Papua, Indonesia, on 9 and 10 January. Fatal clashes erupted in the city of Wamena, the capital of Jayawijaya Regency in Papua Province, on 9 January, allegedly over family problems regarding the payment of a dowry. After that hundreds of people connected to the families of the victims, then attacked the tribal group suspected of having killed their relatives, in Wouma Village. Hundreds of local soldiers and police who arrived at the scene immediately dispersed the two warring tribal groups by firing warning shots into the air. Currently, the situation at the scene is calmer, but hundreds of fully armed soldiers and police have been warned to anticipate further communal conflict. A spokesman for the Papua Regional Police, Commissioner of Police Achmad Mustofa Kamal said that as a result of the war between the two ethnic groups, it was reported that two people died from the Nduga Tribe, while 21 people were injured from the Lany Jaya Tribe and dozens of houses were burned. A number of motorbikes and cars were also burned. The police and army have tightened security at the scene to avoid any retaliatory attacks. According to Kamal, the local government has also started dialogue between community leaders to stop the conflict.

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