Two brothers from London saved from top of Bali volcano after using Bear Grylls' survival tips

The brothers on their trip in Asia. (Katherine Forster/twitter)
The brothers on their trip in Asia. (Katherine Forster/twitter)

Two brothers from London who were rescued from a Bali Volcano stayed alive thanks to survival tips they learned online from adventurer Bear Grylls.

Matthew and Andrew Foster, the sons of a GB News reporter, were missing for 30 hours after their phones went dead in a remote location.

They had attempted to climb 10,000ft to the summit of Mount Agung to see the sunrise but got lost on the way down.

Matthew, 22, and 18-year-old Andrew made a temporary shelter and drank rainwater to survive.

Grylls sent the brothers a message on X/ Twitter saying he was “so glad you made it out! Well done” alongside two flexed bicep emojis, after they were located and plucked to safety by a rescue team.

Their journalist mother Katherine Forster was covering the general election on Thursday but had the “worst day of her life” when she was hut with the bombshell that her boys were missing.

The brothers set off at 2.30am on Wednesday to trek up the volcano at the end of their nine week adventure across south east Asia.

They were found “weak but alive” 40 hours after they had set off after a friend who they had messaged on the way up informed the British Embassy who called on local authorities to dispatch a rescue team to the area.

Their mother said they are “beyond lucky to tell the tale”.

She added on X/ Twitter: “Yesterday morning I should have been outside No 10 reporting. More importantly, my 2 eldest sons should have arrived home after a 9 week adventure across Southeast Asia. But they didn't.

“They weren't on the flight. They'd hiked up 3000m volcano Mt Agung starting 2.30am Wed (8.30pm Tues night BST) to see the sunrise. Phones died near top. I didn't know.”'

She thanked the Karangasem rescue team for saving her sons along with efforts by friends in the UK.

Ms Forster said she had since “had words” with her boys and they “weren't properly prepared and should have been with a guide”.

'They are beyond lucky to live to tell the tale,' she said.

'So, when your mother (or anyone) tells you to explore with a group, people get lost and die, batteries run out etc, don't say "Mum, we're not stupid". Listen. Boys!!'

Coordinator of the Basarnas Karangasem Search and Rescue Post I Gusti Ngurah Eka Wiadnyana said: “When we found them, both were in a limp state due to exhaustion.

“However, both of them could still make their own way down the mountain.”