Two of the best survival games combine as 'Raft meets Rust' in underwater base-builder Sunkenland

 Two people swimming in the ocean in Sunkenland
Two people swimming in the ocean in Sunkenland

If you're looking for your next survival-crafting fix on Steam, then this aquatic Raft and Rust mashup may be what you're looking for.

Sunkenland is a Waterworld-themed survival game that's packed with modular base building. Expect sunken city scavenging, crafting, base defense, and for hordes of NPC clans to invade for resources and territory.

The survival and craft 'em up has grown in popularity on Steam since it launched in Early Access. As per SteamDB, it's hit a record of 21,214 concurrent players at the time of writing. The milestone was only hit this weekend, too, so Sukenland continues to go from strength to strength.

Currently, Steam reviews are sitting at 'mostly positive,' with a whopping 2,946 of them in for your perusal. Looking at them paints a picture of something very much in Early Access – the potential is there as the underwater aspect of the game comes in for constant praise, though there's work to be done elsewhere.

"Don't let negative reviews deter you from this game when it has so much potential to be better than any other survival game on the market," one says. "I've got almost 3k hours in Rust and have been playing games like 7 Days To Die, and honestly, this game is so refreshing! I really am so excited to see what the devs do within the year. Yes, there are some bugs here and there but I'm having so much fun."

You can find Sunken Land on Steam if you fancy trying it yourself.

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