Twitter users horrified by ‘gulab jamun’ burger, calling it a combination from hell

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

PETALING JAYA, Sept 22 — Unusual food pairings are not uncommon on social media, but people are drawing the line at a gulab jamun burger.

The combination of the sweet dessert smashed between burger buns has sparked confusion, with many simply asking: Why?

A 11-second clip showing the dish was first shared by TikTok user nidamalik, before it made its way to a mortified Twitter audience on Monday (Sept 19).

The video shows a fresh gulab jamun being taken out of sugar syrup, and placed on burger buns — with additional sugar syrup drizzled on for good measure.

After the buns are pressed together, the 'burger' is given a quick toast on a pan before being cut into four pieces.Popular in the Indian subcontinent, gulab jamun is a dessert comprising milk solids soaked in sugar syrup.

As the clip made rounds on social media, users questioned the need for this "innovation”, with some lamenting that the combination managed to ruin two foods in one go.

"Y’all don’t even deserve to be on the waitlist to hell,” said one user.

A few attempted to explain the pairing away, with one user saying: "I think it’s wrong to look at this as a burger but more like Gulab Jamun as some sort (of) spread.”

Another user reminded everyone of a previous gulab jamun invention: the gulab jamun pratha.