Twitter updating user verification system to clarify misunderstandings caused by badges

A portmanteau of 'slacker' and 'activism,' 'slacktivism' has come to mean the practice of signalling support for a cause on social networks in a manner that does not require much time or effort

As recently discovered by Jane Manchun Wong and confirmed by the company, Twitter is updating its account verification system.

Since the account verification system was conceived, Twitter users have coveted the blue badge that the company attaches to notable accounts of public interest. While it was designed to be an indicator to users that an account is authentic, it has come to be understood as a symbol of importance and endorsement by Twitter, a connotation that the company is working on altering. 

The company confirmed in their Help Center that "our verified account program is currently on hold. We are not accepting any new requests at this time." However, reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong discovered in the platform's code that the "Request verification" option within a user's settings will be making a comeback.

How exactly this verification system will be changed has not yet been discovered, but it's expected to more clearly show that verification is to authenticate accounts, not raise people to internet fame.