Twitter sets a hacker to catch hackers

Twitter just hired a hacker to catch hackers.

The social media giant has named Peiter Zatko to run security.

He’s better known by his hacker handle ‘Mudge’.

In an exclusive interview with Reuters, he said he would look at everything from information and physical security, to site and platform integrity.

Zatko’s colourful career began in the 1990s.

Back then he was among leaders of hacker group Cult of the Dead Crow.

It released Windows hacking tools to goad Microsoft into improving security.

At the very same time he was also working on classified projects for a government contractor.

Later he worked on cybersecurity for the Pentagon’s famed Defense Advanced Research and Projects Agency, DARPA.

Now he won’t be short of challenges at Twitter, which is frequently targeted.

In July a group of young hackers gained access to internal tools that let them tweet from top accounts.

Then-presidential candidate Joe Biden was among those hit, as was Tesla chief Elon Musk.

Now ‘Mudge’ says Twitter is willing to think outside the box and take risks to battle the bad guys.