Twitter to roll out long-awaited edit button

STORY: After years of user demands for an edit button, Twitter said on Thursday that it will test a feature that will allow its paid subscribers to edit their tweets after they've been sent.

Twitter said in a post: "if you see an edited Tweet it's because we're testing the edit button. This is happening and you'll be okay."

Twitter said subscribers who pay $4.99 a month for Twitter Blue will soon be able to edit their tweets to fix mistakes like typos "a few times" within 30 minutes of publication.

Nearly every other social media platform, including Instagram, Reddit and Pinterest, have for years offered features allowing users to edit posts.

In April, on the same day that Elon Musk disclosed a 9% stake in Twitter, he tweeted a poll asking his millions of followers whether they wanted an edit button. Over 70% said yes.

Twitter is currently embroiled in a legal fight with Musk, who is trying to back out of his $44 billion deal to buy the company after alleging he was misled about the true number of spam and bot accounts.

Twitter and its observers have debated whether allowing tweets to be edited could lead to harmful effects, such as the spread of misinformation.

Twitter said edited tweets will have an icon and timestamp to display when the post was last edited. Users will be able to click on the label of an edited tweet to see the edit history and previous versions of the post.