Twitter Is Going Wild Over This “Dinosaur” Alligator Roaming Around a Florida Golf Course

Nicol Natale
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From Woman's Day

Do dinosaurs still exist today? A strange sighting in Naples, Florida may have you convinced: A recent viral video taken by Tyler Stolting of Valencia Golf and Country Club has people freaking out about just how massive alligators can get.

The gigantic gator was seen prowling a tee box during tropical storm Eta, which hit parts of Florida this week. “Holy…” Stolting says in the video when he drives by the gator on a golf cart. “This guy’s out for a stroll.”

“I was a little shocked, obviously,” he told the New York Post. “It was pretty big, biggest one I’ve ever seen!”

Apparently, neighbors have seen the alligator wandering around the area before. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen one that big, I was a little shocked,” Valencia Golf and Country Club’s lead golf professional Jeff Jones told The Post. “I’ve been here a long time and I’m not surprised to see it walking across the golf course, I am a little surprised at how big it was.”

Twitter went absolutely wild over the video. “HOLY GATOR,” NBC2 reporter Nicolette Perdomo tweeted. “He looks like he belongs in Jurassic Park!”

“HUGE FLORIDA GATOR! Yep, this monster is real. Caught on camera during Hurricane #Eta in Naples,” WINK News weatherman Matt Devitt tweeted.

“That is a dinosaur!!!” someone replied. “I’ve never seen a gator walk with its body this far off the ground! WOW!” another said.

It’s not uncommon to see alligators in Florida. According to the Defenders of Wildlife , the state is home to an estimated 1.25 million of them.

If you come across an alligator, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) says to avoid feeding the animal and keep your distance at all costs. Swim in designated swimming areas in daylight only. Keep your pets close to you on a leash if you encounter an alligator.

You can also call FWC’s toll-free Nuisance Alligator Hotline at 866-392-4286 if you feel threatened by an alligator in your neighborhood. Here’s to hoping you don’t encounter one as big as a dinosaur.

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