Twitter down - live: Images, Tweetdeck, links and more not working as Elon Musk admits site is ‘brittle’

Twitter has been hit by a major bug that means users are unable to leave to other websites or see images.

It is just the latest technical issue to hit Twitter, which conducted yet another round of layoffs in recent weeksand saw another outage very shortly afterwards.

This time around, the site stayed up but users who clicked on links were instead shown a long error message indicating that there is a problem with Twitter’s API, the system that is used to communicate with other services.

t means that links shared on the site cannot be followed at all. Links also showed up as blank blocks of colour.

Tweetdeck, the company’s more specialised service for following tweets, also appeared to be broken as a result of the same problems. Users saw the app go entirely blank at the same time the links broke.

Twitter slowdowns

17:58 , Graeme Massie

Links and images not working as users hit by ‘API error’ if they try to leave to other sites

17:52 , Graeme Massie

Images and Tweetdeck also broken by problems with company’s systems.

Twitter hit by major bug that stops people leaving to other sites