Twitch Leak: Here’s how much Singapore’s top streamers earn

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Singapore’s top Twitch streamer earned over $100,000 in the past two years, hacked server data from the gaming platform has revealed.

Wednesday’s leak of Twitch’s top 10,000 earners ranked controversial Singaporean streamer Kiaraakitty at No. 1,645 worldwide and indicated that she made S$166,565 (US$122,586) since August 2019, followed by S$105,394 (US$77,566) for 2,738-ranked Arthars and S$86,178 (US$63,424) for Supercatkei, who is No. 3,457 worldwide.

Kiaraakitty, who was accused of scamming multiple men in June, has amassed more than 200,000 followers from her daily vlogs and travel content; Arthars has more than 60,000 followers and is known for streaming Final Fantasy XIV and first-person shooter games; and Supercatkei is a full-time streamer who does live chats and gaming for her close to 40,000 followers.

Other Singapore streamers raking in top dollar include:

  • No. 4,391 YDCB with $69,004.5 (US$50,789)

  • No. 4,470 Stal with S$67,930 (US$49,991)

  • No. 4,868 JulynnLau with S$62,692 (US$46,147)

  • No. 7,082 GoofGuy with S$44,592 (US$32,822)

  • No. 7,302 Wolfsbanee with S$43,424 (US$31,958)

  • No. 9,301 Sukasblood with S$34,343 (US$25,275.92)

None of the streamers had responded to Coconuts’ queries about the leak as of publication time.

The hacked data was originally posted to 4Chan on Wednesday. Twitch last night confirmed that a server breach had allowed a “malicious third party” to access its records. The streamers’ revenue includes subscriptions, donations and ads.

At the top of the list is CriticalRole, a professional production that streams D&D sessions to the tune of US$9.6 million since August 2019, followed by Canadian streamer Felix Lengyel’s xQcOW channel, which earned US$8.5 million in the same period.

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