Twin sisters raise sheep on Yemen rooftop

STORY: These twin sisters run a dairy business from their rooftop

While Lujain cares for the sheep, goats and chickens

Jawa makes the cream cheese, yoghurt and labneh

Location: Sanaa, Yemen

[Lujain al-Wazir, Entrepreneur]

“This project started as a hobby, it was just something I loved. But then I started thinking - why don’t I turn this into an economic venture? At the same time this will allow me to become self-sufficient. I was able to make a profit out of it, especially by selling goat milk and local eggs, which are really in demand.”

Their products are sold in local supermarkets

and they also promote their items on social media

But high fuel prices have increased their running costs

[Jawa al-Wazir, Entrepreneur]

“It is commonly known that dairy products require fuel derivatives. We need transportation to get the milk delivered to me and then for distribution. Also, the manufacturing stages, like using a mixer, needs fuel, as does the post-manufacturing stage, where we need refrigeration which needs fuel and electricity. If the prices of electricity and fuel derivatives go up, it affects my business and affects our lives in general.”

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