Twin Flames Universe Docuseries Premiere Date, Title Unveiled by Amazon (EXCLUSIVE)

Amazon Prime Video has set an Oct. 6 premiere date for its upcoming three-episode docuseries “Desperately Seeking Soulmate: Escaping Twin Flames Universe,” which will spotlight the alleged online love cult run by YouTube influencers Jeff and Shaleia Divine.

Journalist Alice Hines leads the investigative docuseries, which is directed by Marina Zenovich, an Emmy-winner for her “Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired”

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Jeff and Shaleia Divine are the founders the Twin Flames Universe, an online group that promises to match each member with their “soulmate” — going to extreme lengths to do so. “Desperately Seeking Soulmate” is based on Hines’ 2020 Vanity Fair article “Everywhere I Went, They Went With Me, Because They Were on My Phone”: Inside the Always Online, All-Consuming World of Twin Flames Universe, which took a deep dive into the alleged cult (which is still active) that Jeff and Shaleia created online.

The group is particularly controversial for urging members to change their gender identities. The Vanity Fair article details that Jeff once wrote, “You guys look dumb as fuck hiding behind the lie still,” after a female member took on a male name. He also wrote, “Take a guy’s name and a guy’s pronoun or I will need to put someone else in charge of sales who respects my work.”

“Twin Flames Universe is an alleged cult that almost feels like it was grown in a lab, it’s so unbelievably tailored to our current moment,” Hines writes in a statement sent to Variety. “There’s the fact that it operates entirely via the internet, on Zoom and social media. Meanwhile, it sells the promise of love to people who want a deeper connection than what apps and hook-up culture offer. Add the misuse of LGBTQ+ identities by a straight, cisgender couple, and you get the many-headed monster that our series dissects. It’s a wild ride!”

Per the logline for the docuseries from Prime Video, “With real life testimony from former members, exclusive video footage with the group’s leaders Jeff and Shaleia, as well as sitdowns with families of those who remain involved, this spellbinding docuseries recounts the origin story of Twin Flames Universe through the present day—where the group remains active. From encouraging rabid pursuit of exes to attempting to influence members’ sexual orientations and gender identities, each episode uncovers a new shocking truth behind this online community.”

“Desperately Seeking Soulmate: Escaping Twin Flames Universe” is produced by Amazon Studios, Dorothy Street Pictures, MGM Television, Escape Artists and PMZ Pictures. Julia Nottingham, Zenovich, Hines, Sam Starbuck, P.G. Morgan, Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal and Jordan Edelstein are executive producers.

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