Twin blasts hit Jerusalem bus stops

STORY: Two explosions rocked bus stops on the outskirts of Jerusalem on Wednesday in what Israeli police say appear to be attacks by Palestinian militants.

Health officials said at least one person had died.

Police blamed the initial blast on an explosive device planted at a bus station near the city exit.

Adding that the second - which happened about 30 minutes later - hit a bus stop in an urban settlement to the east of the city.

Israeli army radio said the explosive devices were hidden in bags and at least one of them contained nails to maximise the impact.

The explosions come as former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu negotiates with allies to form a new right-wing government.

One of his allies, ultra-nationalist lawmaker Itamar Ben-Gvir who heads the Jewish Power party, visited the scene of the first bombing, where he demanded tough action against militants.

"We need to cut off this chain and take a toll on the terror," he said.

Adding that authorities should "lay siege" to the perpetrators and go door to door searching for weapons in the West Bank.

The explosions carry echoes of the bus bombings that were a hallmark of the Palestinian revolt of 2000-2005.

They follow months of tension in the occupied West Bank after the Israeli military launched a crackdown in the wake of a series of deadly attacks in Israel.

In Gaza, a spokesman for the Palestinian militant group Hamas praised the Jerusalem explosions.

But stopped short of claiming responsibility.