New TVs based on Mini LED tech to debut at CES 2021

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LG introduces its first generation of QNED TVs.

LG is unveiling a brand-new technology called QNED on its new televisions at the CES trade show, which runs January 11-14, 2021. The QNEDs are made up of thousands of Mini LEDs that create a new kind of backlighting for LCD TVs, enhancing the brightness of colors and the depth of blacks.

The QNED Mini LED TVs, the latest addition to LG's lineup of LCD TVs, use thousands of Mini LEDs (up to 30,000 depending on the model), as a light source, offering a brightness and contrast never before seen on LCD TVs.

According to the manufacturer, this new technology provides a new immersive experience in LCD, with more explosive colors, deeper blacks, and a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz for more fluid and natural screen movements. The effect would be especially striking in HDR-type images with a wide dynamic range.

Already a market leader in OLED technology, which is currently the best in terms of image quality, LG is now perfecting its LCD models, which will be much more affordable even at the higher end of the range.

LG will provide more details about its upcoming range of QNED televisions at CES. It is likely to include around 10 models, in 4K and 8K, up to 86 inches.

LG is known for exciting announcements at the famous American consumer electronics event, having presented a "roll-up" TV model and the very first 8K OLED screens at previous editions.

The 2021 edition of CES will be entirely virtual and only accessible online.