TVB makes changes to safety measures following reopening

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30 Jul – After closing down TVB City from visitors following Zaina Sze's COVID-19 diagnosis earlier this week, TVB recently reopened its doors - but not without some changes in its safety protocols.

As reported on Mingpao, the company which shut down the building for four days, revealed that they have decided to limit the number of reporters who could enter the building to conduct interviews, and that these interviews should only be limited to press conferences and promotional events.

TVB added that it will not receive any other kind of request until further notice.

Miss Hong Kong 2020 was one of the first shows to hold its press conference following the reopening, and the media had to be escorted by the staff of the Publicity Department to the venue. They were also prohibited from walking into other areas.

Said a rep from the company, future events will be handled in the same way in the future until further notice.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)

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