TVB announces the suspension of Miss Hong Kong 2020

10 Apr – With the COVID-19 pandemic not about to end anytime soon, TVB announced that it has decided to suspend this year's Miss Hong Kong pageant.

As reported on Oriental Daily, TVB Executive Sandy Yu who is in charge of the said annual event, shared the bad news saying that the pandemic has caused a lot of issues when it comes to managing the competition.

"Every year, overseas contestants would return to Hong Kong to try their luck in the pageant. But now most of them can't even travel. We too do not want them to take such a risk and come to Hong Kong," she said.

In addition, they were unable to resolve promotional and production issues that come with filming the pageant season during the pandemic.

"We usually hold a lot of promotional events and grand press conference. If the pandemic worsens and the government tightens the policy, we would only face more issues. Since a lot of these problems have no resolutions, the only thing we can do is to suspend the pageant for a year," she said.

Last year's event saw Hong Kong-born Carmaney Wong being crowned the new Miss Hong Kong, with Fei Wong as the first runner-up.

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily)