TV host Nabil Mahir books entire cinema hall for family to watch new 'Spider-Man' movie amid Omicron concerns

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The Spiderman superfan also booked a hotel room for his entire family to pray. — Picture via Instagram
The Spiderman superfan also booked a hotel room for his entire family to pray. — Picture via Instagram

PETALING JAYA, Jan 3 — As Malaysia braces itself for the possibility of an Omicron wave, television host Nabil Mahir isn’t taking any chances.

That includes booking out an entire cinema hall in the city centre just so that he and his family can watch Spider-Man: No Way Home with peace of mind during the pandemic.

The 34-year-old who is married to actress Ayda Jebat said it has been ages since he stepped into a cinema and as a Marvel fan, he had to catch the latest Spiderman film.

“I’m a superfan of Spiderman fan and I love to watch movies at the cinema.

“Haven’t been to the cinema for so long but this one I cannot.

“I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to watch Spiderman so the solution was to book the whole theatre for my family to watch it peacefully,” he said on Instagram.

On top of having an entire cinema hall to themselves, Nabil also booked a hotel room for his family to perform their prayers.

“I think I’ve become one of those dads. But I am willing to take precautions to keep my family members safe,” he said, adding that he and Ayda’s three-month-old daughter Ana Nayla stayed at home.

Nabil added that he took a break from social media to avoid spoilers for the new Spiderman film.

“One of the reasons why I stayed away from social media was to avoid catching spoilers for the movie.

“But actually it feels good to do a social media detox once in a while,” he said.

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