Turnt Drank: Penang teen busted selling MDMA disguised as powdered drink sachet

Drug dealers: Always one step ahead of the game when it comes to innovating ways to disguise their wares. If it’s not a bag of ketamine buried in a foundation bottle, it’s E pretending to be powdered Milo.

A 19-year-old alleged Penang dealer has found himself in the cross-hairs of police after a raid on his home in Taman Impian Jaya on Monday turned up over one kilo of disguised MDMA, among other narcotics.

Officers say that following two weeks of surveillance on the suspect, the early morning raid turned up nothing in terms of the drugs they anticipated finding, with the man’s house initially appearing clean as a whistle.

However, more thorough checks on the suspect’s bedroom turned up 49 sachets of sundry “powdered drinks,” including Cadbury and Boh Iced Tea. When the contents were examined, officers found them to contain 1.6 kilos of MDMA, 70 ecstasy pills, the euphoria-inducing horse tranquilizer ketamine, and 10 Eramin 5 pills for good measure.

The haul reportedly had a street value of RM17,850 (US$4,000), with authorities saying the suspect would receive the drugs in large batches before divvying them up into their powdered drink sachet disguises. Each packet sold for anywhere between RM100 (US$25) and RM300 (US$75).

The suspect will now be held in police remand for seven days while officers continue to investigate.

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