Turkey details U.N. plan for Ukrainian grain exports

STORY: His comments appeared to mark a shift from an earlier proposal to de-mine Ukraine's ports, a move that Kyiv fears would leave it far more vulnerable to Russian attack from the Black Sea.

Cavusoglu discussed the plan with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Ankara last week, but said further discussions with Moscow and Kyiv were needed. Lavrov then said that the onus was on Ukraine to clear mines around its ports for commercial ships to approach.

Speaking to reporters, Cavusoglu said it would "take some time" to de-mine Ukraine's ports and that a safe sea corridor could meanwhile be established in areas without mines under the U.N. proposal, adding that Ankara was still awaiting Moscow's reaction to the plan.

Russia's February 24 invasion of Ukraine halted Kyiv's Black Sea grain exports, helping to cause a global food crisis. The United Nations has appealed to the two sides, as well as to their maritime neighbour and NATO member Turkey, to agree a corridor.

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