Turkey-based budget airline flight attendant finds severed snake head in in-flight meal (VIDEO)

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, July 25 — A flight attendant from a Turkey-based budget airline company was shocked to discover a snake head in one of their in-flight meals.

The horrified flight steward who was on the Ankara to Dusseldorf flight came across the severed snake head amidst complaints by other staff regarding mouldy meals, reported by UK’s The Sun.

According to Turkish media, previous finds include beetles and snails in in-flight meals.

The airline, SunExpress which is based in Antalya, Turkey has since released a statement on the incident deeming it as unacceptable.

“It is our top priority that the services we provide to our guests on our aircraft are of the highest quality and that both our guests and employees have a comfortable and safe flight experience.

“The allegations and shares in the press regarding in-flight food service are absolutely unacceptable and a detailed investigation has been initiated on the subject.

“Until the research process in question is concluded, all preventive measures and actions, including stopping the supply of the relevant product, have been taken immediately,” read the statement.

“SunExpress Airlines is a valuable client in our country and a popular airline in Europe, which recently decided to further expand its fleet and route network.

“(They) again announced a tender for catering services on board.

“We did not use any of the foreign objects that were supposedly in the food when cooking (due to the technical and thermal conditions used in the in-flight catering facilities),” it said.

According to another report by Turkey Post English, Sancak Inflight Services’ spokesperson, Mesut Evliyaoglu, clarified that the flight was from Antalya to Vienna, and that SunExpress has failed to provide them with the food samples from the incident.

“We asked for samples, but we haven’t received any samples. We are a large company serving all domestic and foreign airlines since 1994. We have been providing catering services to SunExpress since 2018.

“For the last month there has been talk about problems such as snails and insects and finally the snake went up to his head.

“We think this issue is not about us and our legal department is looking into this matter. We don’t think it is from us, but we are mentioned, and we are very sorry,” he said.

SunExpress was founded in 1989 and it is co-owned by Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa.

The airline, which has around 5,000 employees, flies to more than 70 destinations in 24 countries including routes to London, Dublin, Oslo as well as Paris.

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