Turkey bans most plastic waste imports

Turkey has banned most plastic waste imports

after Greenpeace uncovered mountains of trash in the south

generated by trash exports from EU countries

Location: Adana, Turkey

(SOUNDBITE) (Turkish) MAIN OPPOSITION, REPUBLICAN PEOPLE'S PARTY (CHP) DEPUTY AND MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT'S ENVIRONMENT COMMISSION, MURAT BAKAN, SAYING: "One of the main reasons why Turkey has banned this waste is because they cannot supervise it. They cannot supervise which recycling facility recycles it and they cannot supervise the quality of it. Therefore, they had to take this decision. They banned it because they cannot supervise it."

Polyethylene will be banned from entering the country

which is used in shopping bags and packaging

Greenpeace said the ban would cover 74% of the plastic Turkey imported last year

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