Tunisian women rap for gender equality

This all-female hip-hop album promotes gender equality

and encourages Tunisian women to break free from social norms

LOCATION: Tunis, Tunisia

Creators at La Fabrique Art Studio began the project

to help aspiring female rappers break into the male-dominated scene

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) CO-FOUNDER OF LA FABRIQUE ART STUDIO, MOHAMED BEN SLAMA, SAYING: "This experiment is based on the production of an entire album in which women contribute in some way to be committed to all the issues that concern them at the social and economic level, male domination, misogyny and misogynistic speech in the public space."

Tunisian rapper Nesrine Mokdad aka Anonymous

started a career in rap 10 years ago

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) TUNISIAN HIP-HOP ARTIST, NESRINE MOKDAD AKA ANONYMOUS, SAYING:"Even my siblings, when they hear my music, they say to me, 'Leave this field. What will rap music offer you and where will you go?' They say that there are men who couldn't make it in this field and you think that you're going to? 'Go take care of your family, your son and your job.'"

"It really hurts when they tell you these things because sometimes I ask myself several times, why do I rap?"

"I say that I do it for myself. If it's not for me, I do it with other people and I send my songs to them to give me their feedback. I sing to my son, I sing for the future generations and for anyone who wants to listen."

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