Tunisian vet turns house into animal shelter

STORY: Location: Nabeul, Tunisia

A Tunisian vet has turned her house into a rescue shelter for stray animals

Raoudha Mansour is fostering 150 cats and 25 dogs

Animals with disabilities are also welcome

[Raoudha Mansour, Vet]

"I may have had the chance and luck because I am a vet. The animals you see here, they are all sterilized, they are all vaccinated. I mean, I practice my profession on animals that came from the streets and I want to provide another life for them. I am very happy with this life. Many people ask me how I can stand seeing difficult cases, but I would say I am very lucky to be able to treat them."

Mansour established the shelter in 2007 and supports it herself

with help from animal welfare associations that donate food and medicine