A Tunisian fisherwoman and her companion: the sea

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) FISHERWOMAN, ZOHRA TRABELSI, SAYING:"My name is Zohra Trabelsi and I am 75 years old. I have been working in the sea since I was 16 years old, my sisters and I, because my father didn't have sons. I got married and had children, and this has been my job, until this moment."

Location: Nabeul, Tunisia

Trabelsi is the only fisherwoman

among dozens of fishermen in her town


"I faced many difficulties when working as a fisherwoman. But if I don't work, I won't get anything in return. No one will give you anything. You must persevere and work hard to make a living. I must work. In the morning, I must come to work, whatever my mental and physical condition. Healthy or sick, I need to work."

The fisherwoman's trade is not an easy one

Trabelsi spends eight hours a day at sea, seven days a week

Her harvest is often little

but fishing is also a passion that gives her comfort

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) FISHERWOMAN, ZOHRA TRABELSI, SAYING:"For me, it is as if I was born of the sea, and it was born of me. When I feel that I am in a bad state, or if I am facing certain problems, I come to the sea. I talk to it, I talk about my pain and I cry. When I finish, it is as if I am a new person."

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