Tunisian craftswomen preserve pottery technique

This Tunisian woman is keeping an ancient form of pottery alive


"We search for this mud, we then bring it and put it in water until it swells. We then soften it by pressing it with our legs, and knead it so that it becomes cohesive and unbreakable... From mud in the ground to cooking utensils, the process is very tiring."

LOCATION: Sejnane, Tunisia

The craft has been passed down through several generations

but it’s a difficult process that involves strenuous physical labor

and intricate artistic skills

86-year-old Dhabhia Siidani works with her daughter and granddaughter

to craft pots, utensils and statues out of mud

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) SEJNANE POTTERY COMPLEX COORDINATOR, ZYENEB FARHAT, SAYING:"This craft is a cultural heritage inherited by generations, and we in the complex, work to preserve this cultural heritage so that it does not disappear. Therefore, we encourage the new generations and the women who move to Sejnane to learn this craft and preserve it - first, as a cultural heritage and second, as a source of livelihood for craftswomen."

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