Tuktuk taxi helps Lebanese mother earn extra income

STORY: This Lebanese mom drives

a tuktuk to make a living

Locator: Sidon, Lebanon


"I sold my gold to get it because I couldn't afford it. Cost of living is very expensive, making a living is difficult, the dollar is increasing - and this is all affecting us. I have rent, expenses and so."

Yaman is a single mother of three

Her daughter convinced her to

buy the vehicle a few months ago

Now she drives women

and children around the city


"It is encouraging because it's a woman driving the tuktuk. It is more affordable and she can also drive it around in narrow streets as shortcuts. It is easier. And we encourage her since she is a woman driving it and she is the first, it is nice to encourage people doing new things."

Riders say they feel safer

with a woman driver

and that it's much

cheaper than a car taxi

as fuel prices have skyrocketed

amid Lebanon's economic crisis

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