Tudor Dixon Says Michigan Gubernatorial Race 'Too Close to Call'

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon told supporters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that her race against incumbent Gov Gretchen Whitmer was “too close to call” late on Tuesday, November 8.

Dixon said: “We don’t accept that Fox is calling this because this is too close to call.”

“We’re going to stay up all night and we’re going to watch these votes. We stay up until we have every vote counted,” she added.

Whitmer addressed her election party in Detroit hours later, saying her team felt “damn good” about the results.

Dixon had not yet conceded the race at the time of writing. Credit: Tudor Dixon via Storyful

Video transcript


TUDOR DIXON: Good evening. Good evening, everyone. Thank you all for coming out tonight. This race is going to be too close to call, despite what Fox


The results continue to trickle in. The major counties have a very, very long way to go. Macomb is now telling us that they won't even have any numbers until tomorrow morning. So that's definitely going to be a late night for us.


And that definitely means there's still a lot more votes to be counted. Look, I know it's a school night. And I know you guys don't want to stay up all night. But we're going to stay up all night. And we're going to watch the [INAUDIBLE].

I want to thank you all. I see so many of our volunteers that went door to door, put out yard signs, talked to friends, talked to people. You guys have been amazing. We have a movement here.

- Yes ma'am!


TUDOR DIXON: This is more than just a race. Look at all of these people out here. Everywhere we've gone in this state, we have so much energy and so much excitement. And that does not end tonight. We stay up until we have every vote counted.


I am so grateful to you all and to all the parents that we've talked to across the state. We have talked to so many people who want to make sure that we make the change in Michigan. And tonight it happened. So we don't accept that Fox is calling this. Because we know that this is too close to call. There are so many more votes out there. We're going to get this done.


- (CHANTING) We love Tudor! We love Tudor! We love Tudor!

But to our parents, I love you. To our police, I am proud to stand with you and always back the blue. To our small business owners, [INAUDIBLE] by [INAUDIBLE] members, [INAUDIBLE], I will fight for you every single day if I have to.


We are anxious, but we are excited. And we look forward to the full results tomorrow. I thank you all for being here tonight. We're going to stay up. We know you guys can't stay here all night. But we are going to make sure we count every vote.


As soon as we have those results, you will hear from me. But look at this. The energy is still there.


We still-- we feel like the win is just around the corner.

- Yeah!

TUDOR DIXON: All right. I will see you guys when we have full results. Thank you so much for coming tonight. We're going to do it.