Tucson Firefighters Rescue Woman and Dog Stranded by Flash Flooding

Rescue crews saved a woman and her dog from atop their stranded vehicle in Tucson, Arizona, amid continued rain and flooding on August 14.

Footage released on Facebook shows Tucson Firefighters securing the woman and her dog before using a fire ladder to pull them through the rushing water.

According to the post, firefighters backed a fire engine into the water and used “the full length of the ladder and an athletic throw” to reach the victims with a rescue ring and pull them to safety. There were no injuries.

Officials reminded drivers not to go through flooded roads, writing, “Is it really worth risking your life (and your vehicle) to shave a few minutes off of wherever you are going? NO. Do not drive into flooded washes or around barriers. They are there for a reason.” Credit: Tucson Fire Department via Storyful

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