Tucker Carlson Amazed That Feds Forced Trump Lackey Jeff Clark Out of Home in His Underpants (Video)

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Tucker Carlson Amazed That Feds Forced Trump Lackey Jeff Clark Out of Home in His Underpants (Video)

Jeff Clark, a former Department of Justice official under Trump, is in hot water for his efforts to help the former president try to overturn the 2020 presidential election — so much so that federal agents armed with a warrant for potentially incriminating electronic communications or other images and information served him in the early morning hours Wednesday.

Naturally, Fox News primetime host Tucker Carlson had Clark on to get to the bottom of things — at the end of a day that also featured testimony excoriating Clark to the Jan. 6 House committee.

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But among all the details of an eventful two days, there was one that stood out most for Carlson — the fact the agents who served the warrant on Clark’s house would not let him go back inside to properly attire himself with pants.

Tucker and his staff were so taken aback by the feds’ seeming lack of courtesy for Clark, they featured the move in a “JEFF CLARK WAS IN HIS PAJAMAS … ” headline as the former DOJ official recounted his story.

“So yesterday at about — just before 7 a.m., there was loud banging at my door, insistent banging,” Clark said in the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” appearance. “So I just rushed down as fast as I could.”

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Clark said he knew immediately who his visitors were.

“I opened the door,” he continued, “and asked for the courtesy to be able to put some pants on and was told, ‘No, you’ve got to come outside.'”

At that, Carlson’s intent gaze turned into an amazed look of emoji-like surprise as his eyes popped open and his eyebrows shot into his forehead.

But he let Clark continue.

“So I came outside, they swept the house,” Clark said. “Eventually, they let me go back inside and put the pants on. But then, by my count at one point, 12 agents and two Fairfax County police officers went into my house, searched it for 3.5 hours. They even brought along something, Tucker, I’ve never seen before or heard of: an electronic-sniffing dog.”

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The search and seizure was part of a Department of Justice investigation into efforts to unlawfully reverse the 2020 presidential election, acts that are being simultaneously probed by the special Jan. 6 House committee, which held another hearing Thursday.

Clark is a former Trump-appointed assistant attorney general who the former president tried to install as the head attorney general as other officials refused to help Trump overturn President Joe Biden’s election.

In February, Clark appeared before the Jan 6. committee and pleaded the Fifth Amendment 100 times during a two-hour deposition. On Thursday, details emerged in the committee’s hearings about a  proposal spearheaded by Trump and Clark that suggested the DOJ send letters to state legislatures demanding they reseat electors, citing nonexistent voter fraud.

The idea was ultimately unsuccessful.

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Carlson ended the segment by suggesting a reckoning for the feds’ misdeeds was close at hand.

“This is Stalinist,” Carlson said. “At some point, somebody is going to fight back. I pray that doesn’t happen. But I think it probably will. It’s just very — the whole thing is so sad, and I’m sorry you were caught up in it — in your pajamas. Like they couldn’t — they could have just called you.

“Jeff Clark, I appreciate your coming on. I hope you’ll come back and tell us where this winds up. Those creeps.”

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