Tuberville says Britt ‘picked as a housewife, not just a senator’

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) said he did not have concerns that his fellow colleague, Sen. Katie Britt (R-Ala.), delivered her unnatural State of the Union rebuttal in the kitchen, since she was “picked as a housewife, not just a senator.”

Tuberville complimented Britt’s Republican response to President Biden’s speech Thursday night, which she delivered from her kitchen, despite many on the left and right saying the setting was “bizarre.”

“Somebody who sees it from a different perspective, you know ― education, family, all those things. … I mean, she did what she was asked to do,” Tuberville told HuffPost on Friday. “I thought she did a good job. And it’s hard when you’ve never done anything like that.”

Tuberville added that not everybody is going to be pleased with the performance.

“I thought the delivery was good,” he said. “People were going to make fun of anybody. Some people like it, some people don’t.”

Tuberville’s office spokesperson doubled down on the senator’s quality assessment of the speech.

“Coach thinks Senator Britt did a great job and made Alabama very proud last night,” a Tuberville spokesperson said in a statement to The Hill.

During the 17-minute speech from her home in Montgomery, Ala., Britt went after Biden for his handling of the southern border, the economy, his age and a slew of other issues — but it was her delivery and the setting that were the center of attention.

Many roasted her tone, comparing her to an actor giving a bad audition or a drama club student.

“Katie Britt is so bad she couldn’t be in one of my movies,” actor and comedian Tom Arnold wrote on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Britt, despite this week’s criticism, is considered a “rising star” in the Republican Party. She was the youngest woman elected into the upper chamber after getting sworn in last year.

The first-term senator is also thought to be in contention to be picked as former President Trump’s vice presidential pick. Trump praised her rebuttal, stating she distinguished herself and presented compassion for “women’s issues.”

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