Tse Kwan Ho surprised by nomination after 24 years

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7 Oct – Hong Kong actor Tse Kwan Ho recently admitted that he was surprised to have been nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category at the upcoming Golden Horse Awards, 24 years after winning Best Actor at the same awards.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who is nominated for his role in the Jun Li movie, "Drifting", shared with the media that he is very happy this time as he was finally able to experience the joy of being nominated.

"When I won the award [in 1997], I was too young. I didn't feel anything much. I just returned to the team and continued filming. I didn't even celebrate. It was only later in life that I realised that winning the said award enabled me to work more in this business," he said.

A still from filmmaker Jun Li's 'Drifting'
A still from filmmaker Jun Li's 'Drifting'

It is noted that Tse was 34 when he won Best Actor for his performance in "The Mad Phoenix", defeating crowd's favourite, Leslie Cheung, who was nominated for "Happy Together".

However, Tse light heartedly admitted that he would not dare say that this particular nomination is proof that he has improved as an actor.

"Personally, I hope that "Drifting" would win in several categories both for the actors and the behind the scene team players," he added.

Tse will be competing with fellow "Drifting" actor Will Or, Liu Kuan Ting ("Treat or Trick"), Lung Shao-hua ("Gatao - The Last Stray"), and Umin Boya ("Till We Meet Again").

Tse Kwan Ho won Golden Horse Best Actor in 1997 for 'The Mad Phoenix'
Tse Kwan Ho won Golden Horse Best Actor in 1997 for 'The Mad Phoenix'

(Photo Source: ST Headline, Mingpao, KKNews)

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