Trump, who is technically obese, tweets portrait of himself as muscular Rocky Balboa

Brendan Morrow

President Trump is just going to leave this here.

Trump on Wednesday randomly, without comment, tweeted out a photoshopped image of himself as a shirtless Rocky Balboa.

Trump, who was found by the White House physician to be technically obese earlier this year, made no attempt to accompany this odd image with, for example, an analogy about himself fighting the impeachment inquiry like Rocky, or any context of any kind. An image of a shirtless, glistening Trump just appeared in the wild, and everyone's just going to have to deal with that.

"A reminder that Trump tweets are official statements from the WH," CNN's Manu Raju noted in response to the image.

The Rocky image was also retweeted by the official @POTUS Twitter account, just to make absolutely sure it hit everyone's feed in the hours before Thanksgiving. What other iconic, ripped films characters might Trump appear superimposed on next? Thor, perhaps? Stay tuned.

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