Trump Supporters Join Alex Jones for 'Stop the Steal' Protest at Georgia's State Capitol

Supporters of US President Donald Trump gathered at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta on Wednesday, November 18, for a “Stop the Steal” protest over what they say was “widespread fraud” in the presidential election, local media reported.

No evidence of widespread voter fraud has been found by authorities. President-elect Joe Biden led in the race by 12,781 votes over Trump on Wednesday morning, as election officials neared a deadline to complete a hand tally of ballots.

Trump has refused to concede the election, repeating without evidence that the election was “rigged.” The Department of Homeland Security has said the 2020 presidential election was the most secure in the nation’s history.

Video filmed by Twitter user @skeptiphobia shows far-right conspiracy theorist and InfoWars head Alex Jones speaking to the crowd, demanding that the state legislature hold an “emergency session” to “take control of oversight as massive fraud is found all over.”

Members of the Proud Boys and their leader Enrique Tarrio attended the march, according posts on Tarrio’s Parler account and video footage from the scene.

The rally was set to be a precursor to another “Stop the Steal” protest scheduled for Saturday at the capitol. Credit: @skeptiphobia via Storyful

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