Trump shares screenshot of private texts from House speaker candidate: ‘I preached Trump in my speech’

Former President Donald Trump shared private texts between him and short-lived Speaker of the House hopeful Congressman Chuck Fleischmann on Truth Social.

The texts claim that all of the current GOP Speaker hopefuls are backing Mr Trump, according to Fox Chattanooga.

Mr Fleischmann was among six candidates who were under consideration for House speaker after Majority Whip Tom Emmer exited the race on Tuesday.

The House Republicans ultimately tossed their support behind Congressman Mike Johnson of Louisiana. Mr Fleischmann was among those who publicly backed Mr Johnson, writing on Twitter that he would be a "great and strong Speaker of the House" and that he would vote for him when his name goes to the floor for a vote.

About an hour before Mr Fleischmann made the tweet, Mr Trump shared an image of a text the congressman reportedly sent him.

The text said the following:

"I'm in speaker race now

Please tell President Trump


Five left

Voting now

All candidates now 100 percent trump

All 5

I preached Trump in my speech"

The text reveals not only that the congressman was trying to court Mr Trump in his speech, but that — at least Mr Fleischmann believes — that all of the candidates in the race are fully behind the former president.

Mr Trump ultimately backed Mr Johnson for House Speaker.

It's unclear if Mr Fleischmann was aware that Mr Trump intended to share his private texts on Truth Social, and is further unclear what Mr Trump hoped to convey by providing the exchange to his viewers.

Mr Fleischmann was lampooned on social media following the reveal.

"Letting the guy who has cost you the last three election cycles call the shots-brilliant!" one X/Twitter user, Dan Sullivan, wrote in response to the congressman.

Harry Sisson, a social media influencer with a sizable following who focuses on Democratic politics, called the texts "pathetic."

"Wow. Donald Trump just exposed text messages with Republican congressman Chuck Fleischmann begging for Trump’s endorsement for Speaker," he wrote on X/Twitter. "This is just so humiliating and embarrassing. Imagine being in the MAGA cult where you have to beg for Trump to like you. Pathetic."

Christopher Hale, a Democratic delegate for Joe Biden from Mr Fleischmann's home state of Tennessee, said on X/Twitter that the texts made clear the congressman "cares more about kissing Trump's a** than standing up for Tennesseans."

Mr Fleishcmann has not commented publicly on the texts at the time of this report.

The Independent has reached out to the congressman for comment.