Trump shares bizarre court sketch of him sitting next to Jesus at civil fraud trial

Donald Trump shared a bizarre fake court sketch from the first day of his civil fraud trial – depicting himself sitting next to an unmistakable holy figure.

The doctored image, posted on his Truth Social account on Monday night, shows the former president flanked by Jesus Christ inside the Manhattan courthouse where a judge will rule what penalties Mr Trump should face for engaging in decades of business fraud.

“This is the most accurate court sketch of all time. Because nobody could have made it this far alone,” the post was captioned by the original poster.

Mr Trump then re-Truthed the post on his own Truth Social account.

Some of Mr Trump’s supporters appeared to agree that the sketch was a perfect evaluation of the first day of the civil trial.

“Amen, I literally cry for what is being done to our beautiful and patriotic leader, President Donald J Trump,” one social media user said on X.

“The persecution of Trump reminds me of the persecution of Jesus,” another X user declared.

Critics were less than convinced.

“Just when you think he’s stooped to a new low, he gets even more offensive,” one person said.

“Trump posts “court sketch” image of himself seated next to Jesus in court. Who, exactly, are these MAGA rubes that still support him? All of you should be ashamed of yourselves.”

While the Bible story of Jesus’ persecution ended with him being crucified with a crown of thorns on his head, Mr Trump is claiming he is the victim of a “witch hunt” by his political rivals.

The civil fraud trial got under way in court on Monday, with Mr Trump showing up in person.

Mr Trump, his adult sons and Trump Organization executives are accused of defrauding banks and insurers by overvaluing properties by billions of dollars, exaggerating the state of their wealth to fraudulently obtain favourable insurance deals, financing and other transactions.

Trump appeared in court fro the second time in recent months, this time for a civil fraud trial (Getty Images)
Trump appeared in court fro the second time in recent months, this time for a civil fraud trial (Getty Images)

The lawsuit was brought by the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James.

New York Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron – who is overseeing the trial – has already determined Mr Trump is liable for fraud.

Over the next two to three months, Mr Trump’s defence team will be arguing with prosecutors to determine how much Mr Trump exaggerated the truth.

Ms James’ office is seeking $250m in penalties against the former president and is asking for Mr Trump and his sons Don Jr and Eric to be banned from running any businesses in New Yor.

He could also face a five-year commercial real estate ban.

It marks the second time Mr Trump has appeared inside a Manhattan courtroom in recent months, after he was criminally charged in a case surrounding hush-money payments to an adult film star in the lead-up to the 2016 election.

The civil bench trial is expected to finish before late December.