Trump seizes on Georgia grand jury forewoman’s ‘media tour’ as she comes under fire for jeopardising case

Donald Trump has joined the pile-on against a Georgia woman who served as foreperson for a grand jury investigation into his campaign’s efforts to overturn the state’s election results in 2020 as the woman is accused of harming the prosecution’s case.

The foreperson, Emily Kohrs, has spoken to several media outlets including CNN and The New York Times since the grand jury’s service concluded with a set of recommendations for criminal charges delivered in a report to the Fulton County district attorney’s office. In interviews, she has made clear hints about the nature of the charges her grand jury recommended to the prosecution’s office, and dismissed Mr Trump’s notion on Truth Social that he had been exonerated by their report.

On Wednesday the former president weighed in, while apparently taking a shock at the “energetic” manner she supposedly displayed during a CNN appearance the day prior.

“This Georgia case is ridiculous, a strictly political continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt of all time. Now you have an extremely energetic young woman, the (get this!) “foreperson” of the Racist D.A.’s Special Grand Jury, going around and doing a Media Tour revealing, incredibly, the Grand Jury’s inner workings & thoughts. This is not JUSTICE, this is an illegal Kangaroo Court,” he insisted.

Mr Trump then continued: “Atlanta is leading the Nation in Murder and other Violent Crimes. All I did is make TWO PERFECT PHONE CALLS!!!” Atlanta’s murder rate was actually ranked 22nd out of all major US cities at the beginning of last year.

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