Trump says federal government will directly oversee discipline in schools if he is re-elected

Donald Trump has announced he will “end the leftist takeover of school discipline and juvenile justice” and allow the federal government to oversee discipline in schools if he is elected president next year.

The former president, in a video message posted by his team on Twitter, said “troubled youth” were “going wild” by indulging in criminal activities.

He said he will push for the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of Education (DOE) to take over school discipline of students.

“Many of these carjackers and criminals are 13, 14 and 15 years old. I will order the education and justice departments to overhaul federal standards on disciplining minors,” the former president said in his address video.

“So when troubled youth are out of control, they’re out on the streets and they’re going wild, we will stop it. The consequences are swift, certain and strong, and they will know that.”

He also hit out at Democrats who raise calls to “defund the police”, claiming they turned once-great American cities into “cesspools of bloodshed and crime”.

Mr Trump claimed his plan to restore law and order involves signing a record investment in hiring retention and training for police officers nationwide.

He also said vital liability protections for officers will be increased and alleged Democrats wanted to take such protections away from the police.

The one-time president said he wanted the police to do their jobs right and that they need to have the necessary support and protection to do so.

In another video message on Truth Social, Mr Trump painted a grim picture of the US, referring to the country as being in “serious decline” and argued that another four years with him as president would fix the situation.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump’s campaign announced the hiring of key staff in Iowa, where the GOP’s first 2024 caucus is set to take place. He is one of two declared candidates so far.