Trump orders security risk check on China drones

Donald Trump has ordered U.S. agencies to assess the risks posed by Chinese-made drones in government fleets.

The executive order requires the bodies to outline steps to mitigate any risks, including the removal of drones from federal service.

Last month the Commerce Department added China's SZ DJI Technology to the U.S. government's economic blacklist.

The world's largest maker of drones had no immediate comment on the new executive order.

In January last year the U.S. Interior Department grounded its fleet of about 800 Chinese-made drones.

Later in the year it ordered a halt to any further purchases of such devices.

The Department of Homeland Security has also warned U.S. companies on risks from Chinese drones.

It says officials have 'strong concerns' that foreign intelligence agencies could be given unfettered access to data from drones.